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  Kleen Wheels - FAQ's  

What are Kleen Wheels?
Kleen Wheels is the well recognized trade name for a patented brake dust shield. A dust shield is nothing more than an INSIDE HUBCAP which fits into the inside of the wheel preventing the unsightly black brake dust from flowing outward onto the outside surface of an alloy or steel wheel. Installation is simple, no special tools needed.

Kleen Wheels are not to be confused with another type of product, since discontinued, a dust cover which completely covered the rotor and caliper. It was kind of a half a rubber football type of affair which really did a good job of keeping in the dust...and also the heat. Kleen Wheels are not to be confused with this earlier type of product! Kleen Wheels are not in any way to be considered a brake product, but merely a wheel accessory because it fits inside the wheel.

Are dust shields standard OE equipment on new cars?
Yes, dust shields are standard factory OE Equipment on certain models. Kleen Wheels has been on the market for over fifteen years - in excess of three million pair on the road.

Do they effect the brakes?
Customers often question whether Kleen Wheels have an effect upon the braking system.

Consider a Mercedes-Benz as factory delivered in Germany, usually delivered with a steel wheel and a stainless steel hubcap as standard equipment. Does this wheel/hubcap design allow for any passage of air through the wheel? If an American customer were to buy the same vehicle in the United States, where we usually find the vehicles come standard loaded with alloy wheels, and the customer installs a pair of Kleen Wheels (an inside hubcap) into the alloy wheels - would there be any more or less air circulating through the wheels than the vehicle was originally designed for with a steel wheel and an outside hubcap? The same amount, of course.

How do Kleen Wheels fit?
Kleen Wheels are designed to fit easily into the inside of a wheel, just like an inside hubcap. It is a common misconception that Kleen Wheels fit onto the car. Kleen Wheels are designed to fit the wheel (as opposed to the car). We must always ask "what WHEEL we are fitting", and not "what CAR we are fitting"

To make this point perfectly clear - the Kleen Wheels fit into the wheel like an inside hubcap and therefore the first question we must ask when reading our Application List is WHAT WHEEL ARE WE TRYING TO FIT? Is it a factory original wheel or is it an aftermarket wheel? When ordering, be sure to state whether you are fitting a factory wheel, or which specific after market wheel.

Do Kleen Wheels fit on the front wheels and rear wheels?
Kleen Wheels fit both on the front and on the rear of the vehicle. Because the front wheels do 70% of the braking, the front wheels get dirtier far quicker and more easily than do the rear wheels. For this reason customers think that they only need a single pair of Kleen Wheels for the front. Most upscale current model vehicles have disc brakes front and rear.

It is recommended that two pair be installed on a vehicle in order to achieve permanent protection front and rear. Also, when the wheels are rotated, the necessity for removing and replacing the Kleen Wheels is eliminated.

What material is Kleen Wheels made out of?
Kleen Wheels are manufactured of single-piece construction aircraft grade aluminum, coated with a life-time matte black finish.

Have Kleen Wheels been officially tested?
The world's leading safety standards testing laboratory is in Germany, where the standards are set for safety throughout the world. In Germany this testing is provided by TUV, a government agency created by law to test and evaluate OE equipment as well all aftermarket accessories. Kleen Wheels have been certified and approved by TUV. Keep in mind that we are talking about Germany - where the vehicles are driven on the Autobahn and in the Alps!

Is there a guarantee?
Kleen Wheels are guaranteed for the lifetime of the product in the hands of the original purchaser in the original vehicle for which they were purchased. This written guarantee is enclosed with every pair of Kleen Wheels.

Do Kleen Wheels effect the balance of the wheel?
No. Kleen Wheels are extremely light-weight and by their engineering design become self-centering upon installation thereby eliminating balance problems. For those wheels which have been high speed balanced on the vehicle, it is recommended to index the wheel studs on the wheel by a pencil mark or by tape before removing the wheel in order to ensure that the wheel is returned onto the hub in the same hub location.

What is the most common question?
The most common question is why certain Kleen Wheels parts don't fit on the car. These questions can come about because of rushed and careless reading of the Application List. The common misconception is that the Kleen Wheels fit on the hub of the car. Kleen Wheels are not made to fit the car - but moreover they are made to fit the wheel as though it were an inside hubcap for the wheel! The first question one must ask is - What kind of a wheel are we fitting... A factory wheel or an aftermarket wheel? Once you have identified the exact wheel you are dealing with, consult the Application Guide.

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