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Side and Rear-view Mirrors


Side and Rear-view Mirrors

These specialty-designed side and rear-view mirrors will enhance your visibility and increase your confidence and safety behind the wheel.

Blind-Spot Side View Mirrors
Blind-Spot Side View Mirrors
Add-on side-view mirrors make lane changes and merging safer.
Special 2-For Pricing

From: $19.95

One of our Best Selling Products
MaxiView Blind Spot Mirrors (Set of 2)
MaxiView Blind Spot Mirrors (Set of 2)
Stick-on side-view mirrors enhance driving safety.
Special 2-For Pricing

Price: $34.95

One of our Best Selling ProductsProducts Made in the USA
20/20 Vision Mirror
20/20 Vision Mirror
Know what's in your blind spot--without straining your neck.

From: $22.95
Precision Blind-Spot Mirror
Precision Blind-Spot Mirror
Know at a glance if there’s anyone in your "blind spot."

Price: $49.95
Autobahn Blind Spot Mirror
Autobahn Blind Spot Mirror
A great way to eliminate blind spots!

Price: $34.95
Driveway Mirror
Driveway Mirror
Enjoy added safety when you're backing out.

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Price: $34.95
We stand behind what we sell.

Our side- and rear-view mirrors let you see things your factory-installed car mirrors can’t. Stop craning your neck or squinting to see what’s in your blind spot. Invest in driving safety with our selection of mounted or stick-on rear and side view mirrors.

For as long as you’ve been driving, you’ve known that it’s not just important to see what’s ahead of you on the road – you have to see what’s behind and beside you, too! People have known this since at least 1906 when the book, “The Car and the Woman,” advised: "carry a little hand-mirror in a convenient place when driving" and "hold the mirror aloft from time to time in order to see behind while driving in traffic.” By 1911, race cars were being equipped with rear view mirrors, and they were soon standard on every car.

Every vehicle has a nasty blind spot built in, right around the C-pillar at the back of the roof. For some cars, visibility is a bigger problem than it is for others, but for any vehicle, the blind spot can be treacherous. Auto mirrors don’t always do a good job of opening up your blind spots; that’s why it’s a good idea to invest in blind spot mirrors, especially if you’re hauling a trailer of any kind. A blind spot mirror will usually have a slightly convex curvature to it, to give you a better scope of what’s behind you. Especially for longer vehicles or vehicles towing a trailer, a blind spot mirror is invaluable when it comes to safely merging, changing lanes, or parking. Things like curbs (or the kids’ toys) can be nearly impossible to see when backing up, so don’t just rely on craning your head around and looking out the back window – get stick-on or custom-mounted blind spot mirrors to go on your car’s side view mirrors.

Panoramic rear view mirrors are also available to replace car mirrors on windshields, giving you a much wider field of rear vision without distortion, helping reduce blind spots and making your driving experience safer.

It’s a tough world out there for drivers, so even the odds in your favor every chance you get!

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