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Radiator, Thermostat, Water Pumps and Components


Radiator, Thermostat, Water Pumps & Comp.

We stand behind what we sell.


Your cooling system has to work hard in ordinary driving conditions (around town or on the Interstate), let alone extreme use , like towing or hauling heavy loads. It’s important to keep your cooling system robust, and that means more than just topping off the radiator from time to time. There was a time when overheating meant little more than waiting for the engine to cool down, refilling the radiator and getting on your way again. But now that V8’s with cast-iron blocks and heads have been replaced by aluminum-alloy engines with many delicate electronic sensors, an overheating incident can mean either very expensive repairs…or a very expensive four-wheeled lawn ornament for your garage.

Along with changing coolant and flushing the radiator yearly, you need to regularly inspect the condition of your hoses, hose clamps, serpentine belt, overflow tank, heater core, water pump, fan and fan clutch. A worn water pump will generate bearing noise, and will often leak from around a weep hole. Worn fan clutches will start to vibrate, and that vibration will often destroy the water pump’s bearings, making for a very expensive repair job.

The thermostat is a crucial part of your car’s cooling system. Its job is to regulate coolant temperature as coolant draws heat away from the engine. A thermostat with a lower temp rating can enhance performance by helping to keep intake air cooler and heading off any tendency toward detonation in the combustion process. Signs of a stuck thermostat can be persistent overheating or under-heating, with the engine never reaching operating temperature, or the heater and ventilation system blowing cold or hot air, regardless of where the heater controls are set.

The radiator is at the heart of your cooling system; its coils and fins dissipate heat as coolant flows through it, while its mounting spot at the front of the engine helps direct air past it. Unfortunately, over time, the impurities in water can leave enough scale and residue in the radiator’s internal passages to impede flow (that’s why you should always use distilled water to top off a radiator). A radiator shop can often “boil” or “rod-out” a clogged radiator, but sometimes they’re beyond salvage.

We stock top-quality thermostats and radiators for a wide range of vehicles…if it’s time for an overhaul, you’ve come to the right place!

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