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Shawn Smith Getting Jeep Ready For Spring

How This Jeep Owner Preps For Spring

by Shawn Smith 02/29/16

Personally I don't mind winter, but I really look forward to Spring and for me once you get past the hurtle of February Spring is basically upon us. So as of March I start shaking off the winter blues and start getting amped for some much needed sun shine.

Step 1 - Clean The Jeep:

Time to clean the Jeep and wash off all the salt, muck, and grime that has built up from daily winter driving…and playing in the snow of course. I am not above going to a car wash for a quick clean, but especially in March I take care of this myself.

So start by pulling my Jeep out of my garage and pulling out all the emergency winter items I had stored in there like blankets, traction-aids, Winter Shades, and winter clothing.

Once everything is pulled out I grab my vacuum and give the interior a good vacuuming to grab all the debris that has accumulated over the winter. Then I give the windows a wipe down and wipe the vinyl real well to remove the dust build-up.

After the inside is cleaned out I wash the outside really well with some auto wash shampoo. I even make sure to get the under carriage real well. I don't mess with the wax to much, but some people love it. I will give the tires and wheels a good cleaning though with some Acid-Free Wheel Cleaners.

BonAire Inflator In Use on Jeep WranglerWhile I am at the wheels I will go ahead an inflate them with our Bon-Aire Inflator. My tires were really running low this year I was down to 27 psi when it should have been at about 35 psi. This inflator though is great, not only is it fast it it has a built in digital display to tell you where your tires are at so you don't have to keep hooking up a tire gauge.

To wrap up the cleaning I always give all the windows a good cleaning with some exterior window cleaners and then apply some rain-away to help the water bead away when it rains.

Step 2 - Add A Spring Look

As the Marketing Manager for AutoSport I get a lot of great perks which include direct access to all of our products. So when Spring hits I am always ready to swap out my auto accessories to make the most out of my Spring while also giving the Jeep a fresh look.

During the winter I use WeatherTech Extreme Liners to catch all the snow, but for the Spring I always put the WeatherTech All-Weather Mats in. I like that they still grab the water and debris like the liners, but they have a heavier weight so I don't have to worry about my mats catching air when I take my doors off. I have never had that happen, but I have seen the liners flutter with the doors off.
Jeep Wrangler WeatherTech Liners  Jeep Wrangler WeatherTech All Weather Mats
I then swap out my Black Ballistic Nylon Seat Covers with a set of Blue & Black Neoprene Seat Covers. I just love the sportier look that the Neoprene has during the Spring. I also have a matching Leather Steering Wheel Cover that really makes the Jeep pop. Occasionally I do get caught without my Jeep top on in the rain so I do have my Instant Jeep Cover ready to put on to give my self a dry area to sit.

Black Ballistic Seat Covers  Blue And Black Neoprene Seat Covers  Jeep Wrangler Instant Seat Cover

Step 3 - Prep The Vehicle for The Dogs

My dogs look forward to the Spring as well. So I make sure I put my Black Padded Pet Shield both in my cargo area and my rear seats. This way their claws don't tear up my interior and they get to enjoy the Spring weather. They love to hear the words "Car Ride" and always coming running and these pads actually give them extra traction so they don't slide everywhere.

Believe it or not I actually love our Center Arm Rest Cushions for pets. I use these not only for my comfort, but they are great at helping keep my dogs claws off my center console when they peak there big old heads through the two front seats. I could put a pet barrier in place to keep them in the back, but how can I deny those cute faces.

Finally on my rear doors I will put some Door Shields to keep them from messing up the door panels when they stick their heads out of the window. I will also put my Precision Blind Spot Mirror in place not only to help with my blind spots when I drive without my doors, but to keep an eye on my pups.

Step 4 - Enjoy the Spring The Way Jeep Owners Do

Once all my Spring prep is done I watch the weather closely. Once I see 65 degree days I start to take the top off. Once I see 70 degree days I take the top and the doors off the Jeep. In Virginia though we are still prone to afternoon Spring showers so I make sure I travel with the top in the back of the Jeep just in case.

Some people love the Spring some hate it. Tell me how you get ready for Spring at
[email protected], Twitter @AutoSportCtlg, or