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California Car & Dash Dusters "The Dirtier They Get The Better They Work"

We have tested many car dusters and trust us not all dusters are equal. This is the best car duster we have ever used. Not only does it seamlessly glide over your vehicle picking up every piece of dust without scratching or leaving residue behind, but it continues to perform the dirtier it gets.

The mop head fibers also really set this duster apart from others as the fibers are 100% cotton and a special blend of paraffin wax is blended into the strands during production. The special blend of paraffin wax combined with 100% cotton creates a duster that not only traps a tremendous amount of dust, but just glides smoothly across your vehicle. The car duster keeps vehicles looking just washed with a quick once over without the need for water, sprays, or waxes.

Car Dusters:

We have all been there when you wash your vehicle and walk away for 30 minutes and come back and see pollen all over your beautiful car. Our Original Car Dusters will save you the hassle of having to re-wash your vehicle. Give your vehicle a couple quick swipes and stow back away in the carry case. Now your vehicle looks like new again.

Dash Dusters:

Especially if you like to ride with the windows or the top down your dash starts to look grungy fast. Keep your dash and interior looking great with our Versa Duster. Comes with bonnets for glass, vinyl, and leather and quickly adjsuts too different angles.

Keep Your Dash and Car Dust Free