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Lloyd's Berber2 Floor Mats
Add a touch of class with our custom refined Berber Floor Mats. Available with vehicle, lifestyle, and military logos as well as personalization.
$76.95 to $301.95
Lloyd's Luxe Floor Mats
Premium ultra-soft mats that stand up to everyday use. Add a leather monogram patch, automotive logos, military logos, or lifestyle logos for a truly custom look.
$89.95 to $432.95
Lloyd's Ultimat Floor Mats
Great-looking, durable carpeted floor mats with options available for embroidery, vehicle logos, lifestyle logos, and military logos.
$70.85 to $326.65
Lloyd's Camo Floor Mats
Custom-fit camo floor mats for the rugged men and women of this country!
$54.95 to $225.95
Lloyd's Classic Loop Floor Mats
Durable, fade-resistant carpet floor mats that are backed by a 2 year warranty. Add a personal touch with embroidery or logos.
$67.85 to $272.95
Lloyd's Clear Protector Floor Mats
Clear vinyl floor mats protectors guard your vehicles factory carpet floor mats and cargo mats.
$47.95 to $94.95
Lloyd's Rubbertite Floor Mats
Floor mats designed for hard work and easy clean-up.
$59.95 to $134.95
Lloyd's Velourtex Floor Mats
Silky smooth carpet floor mats will fit your vehicle perfectly. Add embroidery, automotive logos, lifestyle logos, or military logos for a truly custom look.
$69.85 to $297.95
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About Lloyd Floor Mats

Since they started making auto mats in 1978, Lloyd Mats has become the industry's largest aftermarket manufacturer of custom fit carpet floor mats. Lloyd Mats are custom fit to your make and model and are available in many different materials—from durable rubber floor mats to practical Berber and classic loop carpet floor mats. Choose the one that's best for you and your vehicle; no matter which one you choose you know you're getting great quality from trusted name in aftermarket floor mats.

Why We Love Lloyd Mats Rubbertitle Floor Mats

For affordable all-season protection, Rubbertite Floor Mats from Lloyd Floor Mats are the perfect choice. The attractive design features hundreds of individual "wells" that hold water, snow, mud, sand and spills to protect your carpets. This floor mat features rounded well walls, so cleaning is a snap--just hose them off!

Why We Love Ultimat Floor Mats

Made with soft, durable 32 oz. nylon carpeting, Lloyd Ultimat Floor Mats feature deep, luxurious 5/16" pile that looks and feels great. The non-slip "traction back" holds your mats in place for extra safety. Choose from 50 colors to match your car's interior. Custom-made in USA!

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Classic Loop


  Lloyd Luxe Mats Lloyd Ultimat Floor Mats Lloyd Berber2 Floor Mats Lloyd Velourtex Floor Mats Lloyd Classic Loop Floor Mats Lloyd Camo Floor Mats
Water Resistance High High Medium High Medium Low Medium
Stain Resistance High Medium Medium High Medium Medium High
Warranty Lifetime 5 Years 5 Years 3 Years 2 Years 3 Years
Price $$$$$ $$$$ $$$$ $$$ $$ $$$
Carpet Yarn Type 2-Ply Nylon Cut Pile 2-Ply Nylon Cut Pile 6-Ply Nylon Loop 1-Ply Nylon Cut Pile Polypropylene Loop 1-Ply Nylon Cut Pile
Carpet Face Weight 48 oz. per Yard 32 oz. per Yard 32 oz. per Yard 20 oz. per Yard 20 oz. per Yard 20 oz. per Yard
Total Mat Weight 108 oz./sq Yard 75 oz./sq Yard 75 oz./sq Yard 63 oz./sq Yard 63 oz./sq Yard 63 oz./sq Yard
Carpet Pile Height 0.50" 0.35" 0.25" 0.30" 0.20" 0.30"
Final Backing Layer Urethane Core plus TractionBac Rubber TractionBac Rubber TractionBac Rubber TractionBac Rubber TractionBac Rubber TractionBac Rubber
Number of Colors 11 50 9 12 8 6
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Understanding Carpet Face Construction:

Two-Ply Construction: Two strands of yarn, twisted and heat set in each carpet tuft.

• Soft Texture • Superior Crush Resistance • Increased Yarn Weight & Density

Loop Construction: A loop at the top of the yarn tuft with no exposed yarn ends on the carpet face.

• Superior Crush Resistance • Resists Dirt & Debris • More Rugged Look

Single Construction: A single strand of yarn in each carpet tuft looks full with a lighter weight

• Soft Velvety Textrue • Similar to OEM Appearance • More Consistant Color

Understanding Carpet Face Weight:

Carpet face weights are stated in ounces per square yard. Generally greater weights indicate level of durability, although yarn material and tufting techniques will influence mat life.

Understanding Carpet Backing Construction:

All Lloyd carpet mats are built with a specially engineered, multi-layer backing. Multiple layers of polypropylene mesh are used to stabilize the tuft face and provide layers for bonding liquid latex to create stiffness and moisture resistance. Our tradmarke "TractionBac high density synthetic rubber final backing provides additional moisture protection and important skid-resistance.

Understanding Anchoring Devices:

All Lloyd Mats are equipped with devices to keep them in place. If the vehicle manufacturer provides anchors in the floor, Llod incorporates a system compatible with the OEM device. Mats for vehicles without factory anchors come with Lloyd's easy to install mat hook fastners.