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Illuminate the Night

Not sure about you, but I don't care for it getting dark so early during these winter months. When it gets dark early it's like someone took the air out of your sail and you have no energy to do anything when you get home.  Not to mention driving home in the dark after a long day of work and coming home to a pitch black house isn't any fun either.

It's just how the seasons shift though so nothing you can do about it…right?

Yes and no. It will get dark when it's going to get dark, but there are things you can do to improve your experience this time of year.

Bring Back The Light

Make Your Car Safer To Approach:

Depending on where you park your car, approaching a car in the dark let alone getting in one can be a little unnerving when it's pitch black out. Most vehicles have internal lights that will turn on when you unlock your vehicle, but they are very dull. Try replacing them with some Premium LED Dome Lights. LED Dome Lights really cut through the darkness in your vehicle and make all the difference.

Before/After Bright LED Dome Lights

Make Your Vehicle Safer To Drive At Night:

Night Driving Vehicles are coming with better lights then they used to these days, but sometimes it's still not enough. Upgrade your driving lights and fog lights with lights designed to cut through the endless night. Though you should be careful. Adding light may reveal some random encounters you would be happier not seeing.

Random Encounter - Naked Guy

Also if you are talking about improving safety at night though these won't illuminate the night they will help keep you safe from everything that goes bump in the night and scurry's across the road. Bull Bars & Front End Protectors are perfect for taking the blows that come your way at night and trust me knowing you have some added protection makes a big difference.

  Sportsman Grille Guard  Deer In The Road Protection    Ultimate Bull Bar

Make Your Home Safer To Approach Without Increasing Your Electric Bills:

You could just leave every light on in and out of the house, but then you will probably cry when you see the electric bill. Instead harness the light during the day and use it at night with Solar Powered Motion Lights.

I love solar lights. You don't have to mount them near an outlet and the moment you approach the lights turn on for you automatically. No more scrambling for that switch in the dark. I use them all around my house for when I pull up in the driveway to when I let the dogs in the back yard.

Garage Solar Lights      Front Door Solar Light   Pool Solar Light

Don't forget inside your house. Last thing you want to do is enter in the dark. Try to add a few timers to your lights. One it helps give the perception to others that you are home and two you can time the lights to be on when you need them and not all day when you are at work.


Conquering The Darkness Will Improve Your Health, Sanity, and Give You Peace of Mind

Just a few small steps like this will be sure to improve those winter blues and make these long dark evenings less bleak.