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Carpet vs. Rubber Floor Mats: What’s the Best Floor Mat to Protect Your Vehicles Floors?

There is nothing worse than when you purchase a vehicle and you slowly watch the floors turn to a disgusting mess from mud, muck, kids, pets, and the grime from your shoes. Filthy carpets are a huge turn off when you try to sell your vehicle, but there is an easy and affordable option to keep your vehicle looking in tip top shape. You need to install a set of custom-fit floor mats or liners. Now we are not talking about the cheap flimsy floor mats that came with your car. At AutoSport Custom-Fit Specialists we carry only the best floor mats to protect your vehicle from the regular abuse of everyday use. Now the big question, do you get a set of carpet floor mats or a set of rubber floor mats?

Add Style, Comfort, and Luxury with Carpet Floor Mats:

Custom-Fit Carpet Floor Mats are the perfect option if you are looking for comfort, style, and a more personalized look. Carpet floor mats are typically available in a wide array of colors, have added padding for comfort, and can often be personalized with logos or monograms. Unlike the wimpy floor mats your vehicle came with our carpet mats are specially designed to resist stains, are padded for comfort, and have multi-layer designs to maintain the shape of the mat and prevent fluids from leaking through. Our top Carpet Mats are Lloyd Luxe Carpet Mats with Marque Logo, Lloyd Classic Loop Carpet Mats, Lloyd Ultimat Carpet Mats, and our Premium Carpet Floor Liners.

Why our Rubber Mats Offer The Best Protection:

Custom-Fit Rubber Floor Mats and Liners are the best option for all-weather protection! They offer an impenetrable barrier that prevents dirt, debris, and fluids from ever reaching your original carpets. Rubber floor mats will keep mud, snow, slush, and even that cup of coffee you often drop contained. When it comes to picking which rubber mat is best for you that is up to personal preference. However, for superior all-weather protection we recommend rubber liners that give you wall-to-wall protection. Our top brands for Rubber Mats are WeatherTech Floor Mats, Husky Liners, Westin, Lloyd Mats, and Hexomats.

Paul W
29 Sep 2018
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