Tire Accessories

Drive Smart and Save Money

Investing in these money-saving products will really pay off for you and your vehicle.

Oil prices are up—again—which means gas prices are up—again. We'll leave the how's and why's to the economists, but we drive to work every day, too, and we know exactly what you're going through.

AutoSport is well-known for our wide selection of floor mats, car covers and other quality items that protect the long-term value of your vehicle. But what about right now? What about items that can save you money every day, every week and every month? We have those, too. Making an investment in money-saving products like these will really pay off for you and your vehicle.

Locking Gas Cap

With a bit of tubing, a little suction and a few uninterrupted minutes, a thief can literally drain you dry. This Locking Gas Cap will send would-be thieves in search of an easier, faster target and keep your fuel where it belongs—in your tank. Anyone who frequently parks on the street, in a garage or in a large parking lot will certainly appreciate the added security.
Locking Gas Cap Keeps Your Gas Secure In Your Car

Tire Safety Products

We all mean to check out tire pressure every time we fill up with gas, but—let's face it—most of us don't. These easy-to-install QuikChek Tire Safety Monitors replace your valve stem caps and let you know when your tires have dropped below the recommended pressure level.

If the tires are low, use our Bon-Aire 250psi Inflator. This compact unit fits under your seat, plugs into your vehicle's 12v outlet and inflates tires fast.

When you take care of your tires, you'll see improved mileage, longer tire life, and real savings. The handling and safety improvements are free!

Maintain Tire Pressure At A Glance With QuikChekKeep Your Tires Inflated With A Quick Travel Inflator