Winter Driving

Drive Time Doesn't Have To Be a Bad Time

Products and tips to make your daily commute a little bit less of a grind.

Did you know that the average American spends more time driving to work than taking a vacation from work?

These days, the average commute is 24.3 minutes - each way. Depending on where you live, that figure could be the stuff of dreams, but that's the average. Add it up and you get a nation of people spending at least 100 + hours commuting each year. If the average job allows two weeks (80 hours) of vacation time each year, that means a lot of people spend more time sitting in the car than relaxing at the beach.

We're not traffic engineers or travel agents, but we do know a thing or two about automotive accessories. Commuting will never be a day at the beach, but you can enhance your comfort, safety and efficiency behind the wheel with products from AutoSport. If you're going to spend 100 or so hours in the car every year, why not make those hours as pleasant as possible?

For most of us, commuting means heavy traffic. And whether that traffic is moving quickly or slowly, it's important to be alert and aware on the road.

How many morning rush hours are slowed to a crawl after drivers change lanes without seeing the car in their blind spot? Visibility is an important part of safe driving, especially when you're merging and changing lanes on a busy freeway. We offer a great selection of driving mirrors to widen your view and help you see what's going on around you. And just in case another driver is about to cut in front of you, one of our powerful air horns will let them know you're there.

Blinding sunlight is another frequently-mentioned cause of drive-time accidents. We've all had to flip down our visors; squint through our sunglasses and hope the cars around us were doing the same. It's a dangerous situation and your car's regular sun visors are rarely up to the task. That's why we recommend our easy-to-use (and easy to install) sun visors.

Accidents will happen, though, and it's important to be prepared in case of emergency. From first aid kits to emergency tools to flashlights to roadside visibility aids, AutoSport has a great selection of safety products to make sure you have the right equipment when things go wrong.

We've all watched with a mixture of fear and bemusement as the driver up ahead leans over and starts groping for a far-away phone, CD, map or doughnut. Frankly, most of us have probably been that person at some time or another. But veering wildly while trying to find something in the passenger's seat isn't good driving and it certainly isn't safe driving. Every commuter knows that there are things we need while we're driving. We always mean to grab those things before we pull out of the driveway, but we often don't.

Our line of auto organizers helps you keep the things you need where you need them. With these helpful products, your phones, maps, pens, and even trash can be neatly sorted and close at hand. When everything is organized, you can get to what you need without taking your eyes off the road. And if your commute is anything like ours, that's something you'll be thankful for.

Studies show that sitting at a desk for prolonged periods can result in muscle fatigue, stiffness, back pain and reduced circulation. Sitting behind the wheel during an extended commute isn't any better. Improve the quality of your drive and reduce its impact on your body with driving comfort products from AutoSport.

Our selection of lumbar and seat cushions can make long drives easier on your body. With a variety of ergonomic designs to choose from, you're sure to find the one that best suits your needs. We also offer a comprehensive line of neck support pillows, armrests, console cushions and seat belt covers that can add comfort to your daily drive.

Daily commuting can also cause wear and tear on your car's seats and floors, and that in turn can cost you money at trade-in time. Protect your car's interior from coffee spills and other minor catastrophes with custom-fit seat covers and floor mats from AutoSport.

We can't make your commute any shorter, but we can help you make it more comfortable.

Sometimes, the little things can make a big difference. That's why we offer a number of problem-solving items that really can improve the quality of your daily routine. Every commute is different, but every commuter wants to drive in comfort, arrive safely and be ready for the day to come.

Even if you have been in a car for an hour, you don't want to look like it, so we offer handy coat hangers to keep your jacket or winter coat neat and wrinkle-free. Everybody likes a morning beverage, but nobody likes a lapful of coffee, so we offer spill-proof beverage containers. Those are just a few of the many ingenious travel and convenience products you'll find at AutoSport.

Back-seat DVD players are everywhere these days, and while they're great for keeping the kids amused on long trips, what about the grown-up who drives to work each morning? While we would never advocate watching a movie while you drive, we're big fans of in-car entertainment and we've assembled a great selection of items guaranteed to make the miles go by faster.

For many of us, a great morning of music means plugging in the trusty iPod. Protect your tunes on the road while maintaining peak power with an iPod Charger. Of course, with all the electronic gadgets drivers use today, one 12-volt outlet sometimes isn't enough, so we carry three- and four-outlet plugs to keep everything charged and ready, plus versatile electronic holders to keep them secure on the road.

Getting there can be half the fun, but getting there quickly is nice, too. That's why we carry a top-quality selection of high-performance radar detectors that let you know what's up ahead.

Drive well!

29 Sep 2018