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Guide To Buying WeatherTech Products

From design to development to manufacture to marketing, MacNeil Automotive Products goes the extra mile to do things right. Their commitment to doing things the right way shows in every WeatherTech product. These top-quality automotive accessories are designed and made right here in the USA, utilizing the most sophisticated techniques available. The quality shows in the fit, feel and finish of every WeatherTech floor mat, cargo liner, bug deflector, wind deflector, license plate frame and pet travel product they make. We're proud to offer these WeatherTech products and we know you'll be proud to have them in your vehicle.
WeatherTech Floor Mats

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WeatherTech Floor Mats & Liners:

WeatherTech has made floor mat shopping easy with a Good, Better, Best model of shopping. Not too many options that you don't know what to choose and not too little that you are stuck with a single option, just the right amount of floor mat options.

Good - Universal WeatherTech AVM Mats are a trim to fit design. However, unlike other universal mats out there these are designed to be trimmed to most floor patterns. These are really great for those classic vehicles that no one carries a custom-fit floor mat for as you can find the perfect pattern. Plus not only are they easy to trim they also offer water channels to keep water away from your feet and traps to keep fluids contained.

AVM Mats - Trim-To-Fit  AVM in 4 pc Sets  Shop - WeatherTech AVM Mats

Better - Semi-Custom WeatherTech All-Weather-Mats will provide a better fit. Often the fronts are closer to a custom-fit while the rears are more of a semi-custom. These floor mats contain deep channels to trap and divert fluids away from your vehicle. Even though these are a little thicker they are still designed to stay flexible in all temperature ranges. If you are a Jeep Wrangler fan and love to take your doors off these are also a great option as they provide that all-weather protection you want, but with a mat with enough weight the wind cannot catch.
3 Colors - Black, Tan, or Gray  Almost Custom Fit  Traps Water, Snow, and Mud  Shop - WeatherTech All-Weather Mats

Best - Custom-Fit WeatherTech DigitalFit Floor Liners are going to provide the best fit combined with maximum protection. These liners are digitally measured for an exact fit and are molded for your specific vehicles Year/Make/Model/Sub-model floor. The liners are designed to go up the side walls to make sure you have added coverage where you need it. Water channels divert fluids away from your feet while you drive to prevent splashing in water while you drive.

Protection From Snow and Ice    Shop - WeatherTech DigitalFit Liners

WeatherTech Cargo Liners:

WeatherTech Cargo Liners - WeatherTech's tough, practical Cargo Liners give you complete cargo area coverage, whether you drive an SUV, station wagon or sedan. They fit perfectly and protect your cargo area from dirt, dogs or dinner.

If you get the cargo liner you also really should try out the WeatherTech CargoTech. Perfect on carpets or utility mats for keeping your cargo where you want it and not rolling around.

Raised Lip Edges  Built Tough  For Trunks or Cargo Space  CargoTech  Shop - WeatherTech Cargo Liners

WeatherTech Stone & Bug Deflectors:

For sleek, durable protection from flying stones and bugs, the WeatherTech Easy-On Stone & Bug Deflector is the industry standard for a reason. It’s made from aerospace-grade acrylic that’s virtually indestructible and extremely scratch resistant.
WeatherTech Wind & Rain Deflectors

Sleek Look  A Truck or SUV Must Have  Shop - WeatherTech Stone & Bug Deflectors

WeatherTech Wind & Rain Deflectors:

WeatherTech Wind and Rain Deflectors let you enjoy outside air without the "wind tunnel" effect. Available in Smoke or Dark, they install easily and work beautifully. If your car has a sunroof, check out WeatherTech’s Sunroof Wind Deflector, too.

Dark Tint  Smoke Tint  Rain Guard  Reduce Wind Noise  Shop - WeatherTech Wind & Rain Deflectors

WeatherTech Truck Bed Liners:

WeatherTech TechLiner is perfect If you do any kind of hauling with your truck, a bed liner is a must for protection against scratches, dents, and spills. Not all truck beds are created equal, however. Unlike some liners that are a pain to install, the WeatherTech TechLiner goes on in seconds with a hook and loop attachment; it doesn’t get any easier! Because it’s custom-fit and available for most popular trucks, you know you’re getting just the right fit for your trunk bed - no more sagging or bunching.

TechLiner  UnderLiner  Shop - WeatherTech Truck Liners

WeatherTech License Plate Frames:

WeatherTech offers 3 great options for License Plate Frames. You might think a license plate is a license plate, but you would be wrong. Each one has a unique attribute or flare that makes them special.

Our most popular plate frame is our WeatherTech License Plate Frames. These are available with or without a clear impact resistant cover and you have the option to choose between 17 color options to compliment any vehicle out there. These aren’t the usual cheap hunks of plastic, they’re well-designed accessories that protect your plate from weather, debris and damage.

Our WeatherTech Stainless Steel License Plate Frames are perfect for vintage cars or anyone looking to keep the license plates from rubbing against the vehicle. These have a unique PlateSpacer that helps keep your license plate frame almost suspended away from your vehicle's paint preventing scratches and blemishes that could happen due to rattling.

Then there is our premium WeatherTech Billet Plate Frame. Made from a solid billet aluminum plate for superior durability. Available in Black, Bright Silver, and Titanium. If you are someone that only wants the best of the best then this is the license plate frame for you.
 17 Colors Clear Frame  Plate Spacer  Solid Billet Frames  Shop - WeatherTech License Plate Frames

WeatherTech BumpSteps:

WeatherTech BumpSteps are a must have for anyone with a hitch on their vehicle. These are designed to absorb the damage when you back into something while also giving you a step up when you need it. I know I have almost slipped and busted my neck a couple times trying to step on curved bumers especially when you feet are wet. These bumpsteps though have molded groves for traction and sit flat for your feet.

Standard Bump Step  Billet BumpStep  Shop - WeatherTech Bump Steps

WeatherTech Car Care TechCare Line:

WeatherTech TechCare -If you want your car to shine from the inside out, look no further than WeatherTech TechCare. This full line of cleaners and detailers was carefully formulated and thoroughly tested.

WeatherTech Garage Floor Tile TechFloor System:

WeatherTech TechFloor - A clean and well-kept garage floor can make the difference between a garage you want to avoid and one you actually want to hang out in (and show off to your friends!). WeatherTech TechFloor modular flooring system gives your garage floor an instant makeover, transforming your garage while protecting your floors.

WeatherTech Pet Gear:

WeatherTechTech Pet Barrier - If your pets ride in the back of your SUV or wagon, you know the importance of keeping them safe and secure while you drive. The adjustable, expandable WeatherTech Pet Barrier installs easily and keeps pets safe in the rear of your vehicle.

Pet Barrier  Shop - WeatherTech Pet Gear