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Know Your Vehicle

Why it's important when you're ordering Custom-Fit Accessories

With the wide variety of optional equipment available to today’s car buyer, your car isn’t necessarily the same as the seemingly-identical one down the street. That’s why it’s important to familiarize yourself with your vehicle before you order custom-fit accessories from AutoSport.

Let's say you're interested in purchasing a set of custom-fit seat covers. In addition to your car's year, make and model, our custom-fit expert may ask you to describe your front seats. That's because some models will have a bench seat, some will have what's called a “split-bench” seat and others will have two bucket seats. Some bucket seats have fixed headrests, while some are adjustable. Some seats are power-adjustable, while others are manual. Obviously, each seat variation will require a different pattern.

You may be asked the same question when you're ordering custom-fit floor mats. If you're like most people, you'll wonder why. Well, each of those seating variations noted above mounts to the floorboard differently, which means your mats will require a specific pattern to fit properly. You may even have a center console, which will require yet another variation. With today's ultra-efficient interior designs, every detail matters.

Even with custom-fit car covers, there can be variations that affect the fit. Factory options like roof racks, rear spoilers, sport mirrors, hood scoops and the like should be factored in before ordering. And don't forget to mention any aftermarket add-ons when you're talking to one of our custom-fit experts.

Confused? Intimidated? Don't be--our custom-fit experts are trained to know these differences and to guide you through the ordering process. But the more you know, the easier it is for our experts to help you get the fit you expect.

Custom-fit accessories from AutoSport are a great way to add comfort, durability and style to your vehicle. We're here to help make them easy to order and a pleasure to own. That's why we always strive to learn as much as we can about your vehicle. We look forward to assisting you!