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Rubber Floor Mats vs. Rubber Floor Liners: What is the Best Rubber Floor Mat to Provide Superior Interior Vehicle Protection?

Both styles of rubber floor mats will provide superior protection. The Rubber Floor Liners though will provide maximum protection with a wall-to-wall barrier on your floor, since the liners will be molded to fit vs. cut to fit.

Add A Solid Defense With Rubber Floor Mats:

Our Rubber Floor Mats are cut-to-fit your vehicle. They provide an impenetrable surface so that nothing seeps into the carpets below. All our rubber floor mats also come with a nibbed backing to help keep them secure. Some of our rubber floor mats are smooth or textured on top, while others have channels or fluid traps to contain added debris and liquids. When picking a rubber mat the style is up to your preference, but we think the best ones are the ones that have a way to contain liquids. That is why we think some of the best rubber mats are WeatherTech All-Weather Floor Mats, Husky Heavy-Duty Floor Mats, Hexomats, and Lloyd Rubbertite Floor Mats.

Get Ultimate Protection With Rubber Floor Liners:

As we mentioned before the beauty of Rubber Floor Liners is that they are custom-molded to fit your vehicle, so you know you are getting a perfect fit. Rubber liners are specially designed to give you wall-to-wall coverage protecting the floor, sides, and the front & back of the foot wells with raised edges. Most liners even have fluid channels to direct fluids away from your feet, so you don't keep stepping in it while driving. Rubber floor liners have various traction style backs from a nibbed backing to a super grippy material designed to keep your liners from shifting.

The front seats are typically the highest traffic area at least on the driver side, but we have liners available for your rear seats as well as your cargo area to give you full coverage. Just like the fronts they are designed to give you maximum protection with raised edges. Some of our liners depending on the vehicle are 1 pc designs to go over humps, providing a very sleek and very protective surface. Regardless if you have kids or pets the Rubber Liners are the best option. Some of our favorite Rubber Liners are WeatherTech Extreme Duty Floor Liners, Husky WeatherBeater Liners, Husky X-act Fit Liners, Westin Sure-Fit Liners, or our Deluxe Liners.

Still Having Trouble Picking the Perfect Rubber Floor Mats or Liners?

Simply put it comes down to your budget for rubber floor mats and the style and level or protection you are looking for.Rubber liners will cost a little more than rubber mats, but they will cover more space. Any of our rubber mats and liners though will give you great protection and keep your carpets below looking like new.

Scott C
5 Oct 2018