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Tips on How to Shop for Windshield Sun & Heat Shades

We offer a variety of ways to keep your vehicle cooler so that you don’t have to endure entering a hot car or worry about your interior getting damaged. Below are some tips to help you in your decision.

Why Would You Want a Custom-Fit Windshield Shade?

Well unlike the crap you find at a local store that is closer to a piece of aluminum foil our sun shades are specially designed to fit your windshield. When a sunshade fits your windshield, you get a shade that provides the maximum sun protection paired with the maximum heat protection. This means your vehicle will stay cooler and your interior better protected from heat and UV damage.

What are the Differences in Shade Styles?

We have several styles of sun shades that provide a unique defense against the heat such as fold-up, roll-up, or even accordion styles.

Fold-Up Custom-Fit Sun Shades:

These shades feature panels that are designed to be folded onto each other when not in use. They tend to be thicker and feature multiple layers to help reflect the heat away and absorb when folded out into the windshield. When ready to drive, the windshield folds up with ease for easy storing. We have two very popular versions of our fold-up sunshades, but there are some differences aside from price.

Our Ultimate Reflector features 6 layers of heat & UV defense, comes with a free storage bag case, and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Custom-Fit Ultimate Reflector Sun Shade    Ultimate Reflector Sunshade Has 6 Layers of Defense    Ultimate Reflector Free Storage Bag With Purchase

Our UV Heatshield is available in 5 colors vs. just the reflective silver and has 3 layers of heat defense. Both sunshades provide amazing coverage and heat defense.

UV Heat Shield In 5 Colors    UV Heat Shield Features 3 Layers of Defense

Roll-Up Custom-Fit Sun Shades:

Intro-Tech Sun Shades: These shades are specially made with a soft foam core and a reflective outside. They are easy to roll-out for full sun coverage or roll-up for storage. Our roll-up sunshades by Intro-Tech even come with a free storage bag. One of the advantages of a roll-up shade over a fold-up shade is the soft core cannot get damaged as easily as the thick foam core in the others. Our Silver & Gold Roll-Up shade by Intro-Tech are backed by a lifetime warranty so you know you are getting quality!

Silver Rollup Sunshade    Roll-Up Sun Shades     Golden Rollup Sun Shade

WeatherTech TechShades: These shades are similar to the Intro-Tech roll-up sunshades, but have an even tighter fit. These fit so snuggly they block out almost 100% of light from your windshields. Also durring the winter months you can reverse the sunshade to absorb/retain heat. Oh and yes they are backed by a lifetime warranty!

WeatherTech Techshade     WeatherTech TechShade Reverses In The Winter     WeatherTech TechShade Rolls Up

Accordion Sun Shades:

These shades feature a very unique retractable design as they mount to your windshield. The benefit to this is you never have to go looking for your sun shade again, never have to hurt your back trying to get it out of the back seat, and never have to worry about damaging your sun shade by tossing something on top of it. The way they work is they mount to one side of your windshield in a fully enclosed shade. Then when you are ready simply pull the cord and stretch the accordion to the other side of the windshield and hook them in place. The outside accordion is made from a highly reflective material. The downside of this style shade is it doesn’t provide as much coverage as the other designs. We have patterns available for most vehicles and we have universal sizes available as well.

Retractable Accordian Sun Shade  

Which Sun Shade Should I Choose?

We cannot pick the right one for you, and love each one for different reasons. Our personal favorite though would be the Ultimate Reflector Shade as you get an amazing fit, easy-to-use fold-up design, 6 layers of heat defense, free premium storage bag, plus they are backed by a lifetime warranty.

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