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Original Winter Shade

Who loves scraping ice off there windshields?

Yeah no one ever raises their hand and says I do to that. It's because scraping ice off your windshield almost always makes you late to work and forces you to stand out in the bitter cold freezing your fingers off scraping ice off at least a big enough stretch of windshield just so you can see out.Then it's a hazard as any ice left creates a blinding glare as the sun hits it.

Stop Scraping Ice

The Solution The Original Winter Shade:

Did you know that just like in the summer where a sun shade helps keep your vehicle cool there is a Winter Shade specially designed to keep the frost and snow off your windshield? The original Winter Shade goes on the outside of your window and has flaps that get closed inside the vehicle to keep wind-gusts from snatching your shade. We custom-make winter shades to fit your exact windshield so that you get a perfect fit. There are knock offs that are universal, but if you try putting a Yukon size shade on a mini cooper it's not really going to the job. That is why each shade is custom-made for your exact windshield.

How To Install The Winter Shade

  1. Simply remove from the included free storage bag
  2. Lift up your windshield wipers.
  3. Roll out onto your windshield
  4. Open your driver door and drop the flap inside the door and close
  5. Open your passenger side door and drop the flap inside and connect the male & female connectors and tighten up for a snug tight fit.
  6. Then put your windshield wipers down.

It's really that simple. This innovative shade will keep ice and snow off your windshield. The connectors on the inside of the vehicle will keep any wind gusts from snatching your winter shade while keeping it snug to your windshield.

Other Types of Winter Shades:

Now we have other  Sun Shades that are made for year-round use. They won't keep ice off your windshield, but for some areas like Florida where they don't get ice, but do get a chill in the air. You can use one of our reversible sun shades to absorb heat in the winter and reflect heat in the warmer months. For each one of these the outside reflective side will reflect heat away, but when it gets cold simply flip the shade around so the black side faces out and it will help absorb heat Perfect for keeping your vehicle at the right temperature year-round.

Reversible Sun Shades
Ultimate Reflector Sun ShadeUV Heat ShieldWeahterTech TechShade
Ultimate Reflector Sun ShadeUV Heat ShieldWeatherTech TechShade