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Universal, Semi-Custom, or Custom-Fit Floor Mats: Which Are Best For My Vehicle?

When it comes to buying floor mats for your vehicle should you by universal, semi-custom, or custom-fit floor mats? We are a custom-fit specialist so obviously we may be bias, but that is for a good reason. When you are buying floor mats you want to buy what is right for you.

 Universal Floor Mats Have Their Place:

Universal Floor Mats are the most economical approach you can take when adding floor mats to your vehicle. Will they fit your vehicle…probably not perfectly, but they do fit a tight budget and provide protection so you cannot go wrong.

Our best Universal mats we carry are the WeatherTech AVM Mats. These mats really do take into account most variations on floors and have special groves designed to be trimmed away to bring your universal mats as close to a custom-fit as possible.

Also for anyone that loves a sports team we have you covered with our FanMats. Our FanMats are available in both Carpet & Utility mats and cover your favorite NFL, NCAA, NBA, and MLB teams.


 Semi Custom-Fit Floor Mats Balance Economical with a Great Fit:


Semi-Custom Fit Floor Mats are a great middle ground between custom-fit and universal floor mats. They are still economical, but they have a much better fit. These do require you to enter your Year/Make/Model information, so that we can pick the mat that will fit your vehicle closest. Semi-Custom mats have come a long way in that for many vehicles you could be getting darn close to custom-fit. Some Semi-Custom Fit options may require you to trim to fit, but products like the WeatherTech All-Weather Floor Mats they have specific trim paths for you to cut for your vehicle already done. When I bought a set of these for my vehicle the mats fit perfectly and just had one trim path on the bottom to cut off; which wasn't more of the mat, but excess that needed to come off anyway.


 Custom-Fit Floor Mats Provide Superior Protection and Look The Best:


Custom-Fit Floor Mats and Liners will provide the best protection for your vehicle. Regardless if you are looking at Carpet Floor Mats or Rubber Floor Mats you will get superior protection and coverage. All our custom-fit mats will require you to enter your Year/Make/Model information so that we can identify the exact pattern of your floors for a perfect match; regardless if you are ordering front mats, rear mats, or cargo mats! When ordering Custom-Fit Rubber Mats you will have added options of getting a custom-fit mat or a custom-fit liner. The liners will provide superior wall-to-wall protection, since they are specially molded to fit your vehicle vs. cut to fit.


All our carpet mats are designed to resist stains, but you need to decide if you are looking for a carpet floor mat that just looks great or if you want one you want to run your toes through as well. Personally I like to drive barefoot so I go for the plush carpets like our Luxe Carpet Floor Mats or our Sheepskin Floor Mats.


With our Utility Mats the best of the best are going to be our Utility Liners like WeatherTech DigitalFit Liners. Not only are they our favorites, but our customers favorite as well. These liners are perfectly molded, durable and yet flexible at the same time.



 Still Not Sure What Type of Floor Mat to Get:


Ultimately the decision is going to come down to personal preference, budget, fit desire, and lifestyle. Whichever styles you pick just remember don't stack floor mats overtop of your factor mats. Store the original wimpy mats in the garage or throw them away, but never stack another mat on top of them, since it could impair driving.

7 Oct 2018
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