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What is 3MTM Automotive Tape and Why Would I Want to Use It?

We get asked this all the time and some customers are worried about using 3M automotive tape. Well 3M Automotive Foam Tape is not your garden variety of tape and allows for quick installation with a seamless look without the fuss and muss of drilling/riveting pieces in.

3M is the hallmark of acrylic foam automotive tape; this highly durable double-coated tape is combined with an industry exceptional acrylic adhesive and viscoelastic foam core which offers an unsurpassed adhesion and climate resistant properties that will withstand any element it comes in-contact with.

This 3M acrylic foam tape is used to attach automotive exterior trim such as body side moldings, rocker panels, bed rail caps, side vents, hood scoops, headlight and tail light covers, wheel flares, emblems, and a variety of other automotive trim parts. Offering high peel strength and perfect fit, 3M acrylic foam tapes are reliable and easy to use. Incorporating the latest innovations and technologies, 3M is designed to improve style, performance, and productivity.



Uses For 3M Acrylic Foam Tape

3M Automotive Foam Tape is perfect for:

Rear Cab Visors | Door Edge Moldings | Bed Rail Caps | Tonneau Covers | Weatherseals | Sunroof Wind Deflectors | B-Pillar Appliques | Side Window Wind & Rain Deflectors | Front Cab Visors | Interior Trim & Dash Overlays | Hood Scoops | Front End Bug Deflectors | Tail Light Covers | Tailgate Weatherseals | Tailgate protectors | Side Vents | Step Shields | Claddings & Rocker Panels | Running Boards & Ground Effects | Interior Lower Door Dust Seals | Running Lights | Body Side Moldings | Nameplates/Ornamentation | Headlight Covers | Bumper Covers/Air Dams | Wheel Flares

So Why Use 3MTM Automotove Foam Tape?

Custom after-market parts would be next to impossible to install in most cases without it and who wants to take their vehicle into the dealer to spend thousands of dollars on installation. Instead with the 3M automotive foam tape you can now easy install custom-fit products with a factory look in a fraction of the time. Plus since you are not drilling into the sheetmetal to install you don't have to worry about rust forming around the holes.

The innovative foam core in 3M Automotive Foam Tape is specially designed to expand and contract with temperature changes and comform to surface irregularities so you don't have to worry about it giving out on you.

Is It Safe To Get A Car Wash If I Have Exterior Products Moutned With 3MTM Automotive Foam Tape?

Yes it is perfectly safe to take your car, truck, SUV, or van through the car wash with products installed using 3M Automotive Foam Tape. However I would use caution in old-school "brush-style" car washes as they get very close and apply a lot of unwanted pressure and could dislodge a product.