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AutoSport Reflective Silver Car Cover
Our most practical all-season cover comes with a free storage bag, weather straps, and a lifetime warranty. **Super fast shipping 2-3 business days**
From: $169.00
Carhartt Work Truck & SUV Car Covers
The iconic brand and style you have come to love in Carhartt is now available in work truck/suv car covers.
$300.00 to $655.00
Ships Free
Grafix Series Car Covers
Show off your trendy style and keep your vehicle protected. 9 cool designs.
Starting at $283.00
NOAH Car Cover
Our best selling outdoor cover has four layers of protection!
From $221.95
Ultratect Indoor/Outdoor Car Cover
Our best all-around car cover.
From $245.95
WeatherShield HP 2Tone Car Cover
Superior protection from storms in 56 different color combination possibilities!
From $360.95
WeatherShield HP Car Cover
Stands up to storms, but still easy to store and clean.
From $293.95
Block-It 380 Car Cover
Protective outdoor coverage at an affordable price, backed by the longest warranty in the industry.
From $161.95
Convertible Interior Car Covers
Our Custom-fit interior covers keeps the sun from destroying the interior of your convertible your parked with the top down.
$65.95 to $207.95
Evolution Car Cover
A durable car cover that's made for the great outdoors. Available in Daisy Print, Gray, or Tan.
From $192.95
Ships Free
Outdoor CarCapsule Bubble
Store your classic cars outside in a tinted bubble for maximum protection and visibility.
$739.00 to $999.99
Ships Free
Ready Fit ATV Covers
Protect your investment and keep your ATV looking like new.
$56.00 to $117.00
Reflec'tect Car Cover
A lightweight reflective cover designed to provide superior sun protection.
Starting at $170.95
Ships Free
Snow Shield Car Cover
The Snow Shield makes it easy to remove snow from your parked car.
Sunbrella Car Cover
Maximum protection from sunlight and extreme heat.
From $408.95
Ships Free
Car Cover Gust Guard
Help keep your car cover secure in the wind with our unique Gust Guard kit.
Ships Free
Car Cover Lock & Cable Kit
Keep your vehicle cover safe and secure with this lock and cable kit.
Ships Free
Car Cover Zippered Tote Storage Bags
Keep your car covers stored neatly in your vehicle with this handy storage bag when not in use.
From $22.00
Ships Free
Universal Motorcycle Cover
Cover your motorcycle from the elements to keep it protected and safe; so your ride is always ride ready. Material is reflective & waterproof.
$73.00 to $83.00
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About AutoSport Indoor/Outdoor Car Covers
Ever seen a car that’s covered with hail dings? Or one with an oxidized finish from too much sun and not enough wax? Or one that sat under a tree so long that the tree sap and acid from leaves ate away at the paint? Then you already know how important it is invest in an outdoor car cover. But damage can also come from inside a garage. Dust, bumps, and scratches in the garage can take a car from showroom to ho-hum as much as more extreme conditions outdoors.

The AutoSport Car Cover Difference
AutoSport carries an extensive collection of indoor/outdoor car covers to keep your car’s finish protected and pristine all year long, whether it’s parked out in a hail storm or inside a dusty garage. We carry only the finest car covers in the industry in various styles, colors, and designs so you can find the one that's just right for you. Most of our car covers are custom-fit to your specific make and model, and for a good reason: Ill-fitting car covers are not only difficult to apply, they can actually cause damage to your car's finish over time.

We back all of our car covers with the longest warranties in the industry, so you know you're getting quality that's guaranteed to last. We also include a FREE storage bag with our car covers to make storing your new investment easy and convenient.

If you’re driving a car that has paint that’s already wrecked by the elements, you may not see much of a point in all weather car covers, indoor car covers, or outdoor car covers. But it’s never too late to invest in protective car covers to prevent further damage that could seriously impact your car’s trade-in value.

Why We Love the NOAH Car Cover
There’s a reason the NOAH Car Cover is our bestselling car cover. Constructed of four layers of stretchy Kimberly-Clark material, this innovative car cover offers premium protection at an affordable price: it’s breathable, water resistant, UV resistant, and incredibly soft to protect your delicate finish. Plus, it’s custom-fit to your make and model and made by Covercraft, an industry leader in car covers and accessories for over 50 years.

Why We Love the AutoSport WeatherShield HP Plus Car Cover
Extreme weather calls for extreme protection. The custom-fit AutoSport WeatherShield HP Plus Car Cover creates a “shield” over your car, protecting it from the worst storms Mother Nature can unleash. Made for AutoSport by Covercraft, this durable, high-performance cover leverages a patented Nextec process to fully encapsulate the cover’s fibers. The result is a non-absorbent barrier against moisture, along with dust, dirt, bird droppings, tree sap, and grime. It works great for the garage, too.

Why We Love the AutoSport Ultra Car Cover
Among all the custom-fit car covers out there, the AutoSport Ultra Car Cover is at the top of our list for practical, all-around coverage both in the garage and out in the driveway. Made of high-performance WeatherMax woven fabric, AutoSport Ultra Car Covers are tough enough to withstand harsh weather but soft enough to effortlessly glide over your vehicle’s finish. They’re also super light and compactable for easy storage.