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Tailor-Made Sheepskin Seat Covers - Solid Color
Our best fitting and most comfortable sheepskin seat covers will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
$618.00 to $768.00
Genuine Sheepskin Floor Mats
Kick your shoes off and run your toes through these plush luxury sheepskin mats.
$300.00 to $790.00
Clearance Sheepskin Seat Belt Cover
Soft, luxurious comfort for shoulder belts or shoulder straps.
From: $25.00
From: $9.99
Semi-Custom Sheepskin Seat Covers
Drive in comfort with semi-custom sheepskin seat covers that will never shed or stretch out of place.
Sheepskin Bench Seat Pads
100% natural sheepskin seat bench pads add a plush cushion to any bench seat.
From: $160.00
Sheepskin Bucket Seat Pad
100% natural sheepskin seat pads add a plush cushion to any bucket seat.
Sheepskin Seat Belt Cover
Soft, luxurious comfort for shoulder belts or shoulder straps.
Sheepskin Seat Inserts
Add a classic look with plush comfort to your seats with luxury sheepskin seat inserts.
Sheepskin Seat Wrap
Wrap your seats with quality sheepskin and snuggle in for a luxurious ride.
Sheepskin Steering Wheel Cover
Keep your steering wheel warm in winter and cool in summer!
From: $32.00
SuperFit Sheepskin Seat Covers
A universal sheepskin seat cover designed to stretch on the sides.
From: $255.00
Tailor-Made Sheepskin Cargo Mats
Finish off your cargo space with our luxurious sheepskin cargo mats.
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Staying Warm Never Felt So Good & Staying Cool Never Felt So Good

We work with the finest artisans to craft the best sheepskin products out of the finest 100% genuine Merino Sheepskin. Using quality genuine sheepskin means you get all the benefits of natural sheepskin such as plush comfort and a unique fiber strucutre that allows air to circulate through the fibers keeping them warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Aside from the unmatched comfort, there are other benefits to adorning your vehicle's seats with sheepskin covers.

  • Sheepskin quickly dissipates heat and sweat, by submitting it into the air up to 7 times faster than a synthetic fabric can.
  • Sheepskin is naturally resistant to dirt, bacteria and mold - the naturally occurring Lanolin lends it a self-cleaning quality that isn't found in synthetics.
  • Sheepskin seat covers will not cause an electrical charge. In other words, there will be no "static shock" from the friction created by getting into and out of your vehicle.
  • Last but not least, let's not forget the final reason that sheepskin seat covers are becoming so popular... They look phenomenal! There's a wide variety of colors that can be chosen from as well, so it's easy to find a hue that matches or complements the color of your vehicle's interior. From white to black and everything in between, there's definitely a sheepskin seat cover to match your vehicle and your personal taste.

Sheepskin Seat Covers:

We have a variety of sheepskin seat covers available to fit your budget and style. Our tailor-made covers will be the best possible fit. Our Semi-Custom ones will fit great and our Universal ones will fit well. We also have sheepskin inserts that will cover just the middle section. The inserts will require your seats to have removable headrests to install though.

Sheepskin Floor Mats:

After a long day at the office or just a day out nothing feels better than kicking off those shoes and running them through our sheepskin floor mats. On our driver side we still install a genuine leather heel pad to reduce wear from regular pressure.

Sheepskin Comfort:

Each sheepskin product offers roughly a 1" nap which is a lot of cozy comfort. Each item is designed to fit specific needs and pair great together. We have lots of color options for you to add style and luxury to your vheicle.