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Park-Daddy® Parking System
Park in the tightest spaces with ease now. Literally all you need is at least an 1" of clearance.
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Striker Garage Parking Sensor
Park your vehicle perfectly every time with our adjustable parking sensor from 6 inches to 6 feet away.
Door and Bumper Guards
Protect your vehicle from dings in less than one minute!
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Dual Garage Laser with Motion Light
Parking made easy with a guided laser and motion light
Flat-Free Tire Savers
Storing a vehicle for long periods use Flat-Free Tire Savers to prevent unwanted wearing and flat spotting!
Ships Free
Heavy Duty Parking Curbs
Added reassurance when parking in a tight, confined space.
Ships Free
Laser Parking System
Guide yourself into the perfect parking spot with guided laser parking. Single or Dual Car Garage available.
$32.00 to $35.00
Ships Free
No-Ding Wall Guards
Padded protector mounts easily on your garage wall.
Ships Free
Park Zone Platinum
Parking in tight spaces made easy!
Parking Mat
Helps you park safely and easily.
ParkSmart Stick-On Door Guard
Protect your vehicle door panels while you are parked from others opening their door into yours.
Rolled Curb Driveway Curb Ramps
Stop scraping your car on steep driveways!
$125.00 to $399.00
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Parking Solutions

Does it seem like you spend more time than necessary trying to park your car in your garage day after day? Do you park your car, get out, pull up, and park again? Well, if this sounds like you, we have some great solutions designed to help you find the perfect parking spot the first time, saving you time and frustration.

If you have a tight space, check out our Park-Daddy Parking System. This device assists you with parking in spaces that give you only an inch of clearance! This is a 2-part system. One part plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter outlet and the other attaches to your garage wall.

If you park more than one car in your garage and would like to have a guided laser to help you park, check out our Dual Garage Laser with motion light! This parking sensor attaches to your garage ceiling and automatically activates when your vehicle enters the garage.

Does it seem like you always manage hit your car door against the walls of your garage and have been considering nailing a pillow to the wall. check out our No-Ding Wall Guards. These cushioned wall guards will protect both your garage wall and your car door from dings and scratches.