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UltiMat Molded Dash Cover
Experience the ultimate dash cover with a soft molded design. Add logos or text for an added touch of class.
Starting at $71.00
Carpet Dash Covers
A carpet dash cover is the perfect way to add style to your vehicle while protecting your dash from heat and UV damage. (Choose from 9 colors & plain/embroidery/logos)
Starting at $49.00
Brushed Suede Dash Covers
Our Brushed Suede adds a luxurious look to your dash while also protecting it from damage. (Choose from 6 colors & plain/embroidery/logos)
Starting at $60.00
Camo Dash Cover
If you love camo our camo dash covers are must have! They add the perfect rugged look. (Choose from 3 camo styles & plain/embroidery/logos)
Starting at $65.00
DashTex Dash Covers
Add a modern and sporty look to your dash with our dashtex weave dash covers.
Starting at $65.00
Ltd. Edition DashMat
Add an upscale look to your interior dash with our sleek looking Ltd. Edition dash mats. Logos and embroidery available.
Starting at $50.00
Perforated Sedona Suede Dash Cover
Perforated suede dash covers add a sportier look to your dashboard! (Choose from 6 colors & plain/embroidery/logos)
Starting at $71.00
Soft Velour Dash Covers
Velour dash covers are designed to be soft and luxurious looking. (Choose from 16 colors & plain/embroidery/logos)
Starting at $56.00
Original Carpet DashMat
Keep your dash protected and looking amazing with the best dash cover since 1979. Add logos or text for an added touch of class.
Starting at $49.00
SuedeMat by DashMat
Add a refined look to your interior dash with our sleek looking suede mats. Logos and embroidery available.
Starting at $60.00
VelourMat by DashMat
Add a plush look to your interior dash with our sleek looking velour mats. Logos and embroidery available.
Starting at $56.00
Carpet Rear Deck Cover
Protect your rear deck from damaging UV rays with our rear deck covers.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Dash Covers:

Q: How do I know the difference between dash covers?

A: We do carry dash covers by multiple manufacturers, but all of our manufacturers make superior dash covers. The main reason we offer multiple types is because one manufacturer may not have a pattern for your vehicle while the other does. It just gives us better options to provide you with custom-fit products. Our Dash Covers by DashMat do have the added option of adding logos and embroidery while our Dash Design can only get embroidery added.

Q: Will A Dash Cover Reduce Glare?

A: Some dashboards are prone to creating a blinding glare. If you currently have this issue with your dashboard we recommend going with a carpet material in a darker color such as black, charcoal, or Navy. The reason is that darker materials absorb light instead of reflecting it. So you have a glare problem currently and add light dash cover you could increase the light being reflected.

Dark Carpet Dash Cover Reduces Glare  Light Dash Covers Could Reflect Light

Q: Which Dash Cover is better?

A: All of our dash covers are fantastic. However the carpet dash covers are designed to last the longest and that is why they are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Q: Should I order Carpet, Velour, Suede, Camo, or DashTex/LTD Dash Covers?

A: It all comes down to personal preference. Camo obviously will be more for the people that love camo. Suede Dash Covers offer a very luxurious look especially the perforated suede in our opinion. The velour adds an elegant look. The carpet just looks great in any vehicle. Finally the DashTex/LTD versions are great in more modern vehicles that have more technical designs in the interior as it compliments them well.

Q: What are the benefits of using a Dash Cover?

A: Whether you call it a dash cover, a dash mat, or refer to them as dash board covers, our Dash Covers will help reduce hazardous windshield glare, protect your dash from UV rays, keep your interiors cooler in the summer & warmer in the winter, not to mention add a stylish look to your vehicle.

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