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XPEL Bumper Protection
Protect your car’s bumpers—and its value with an invisible shield!
XPEL Headlight Protection
Protect your expensive headlights from flying debris.
$9.95 to $69.95
XPEL Rocker Panel Protection Kit
Prevent scuffing, scratching and chipping on your rocker panels!
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Vehicle Protection

Whether you are looking to protect your vehicle from bumps and dings while you’re driving or looking to protect your new paint job from getting scratched in the parking lot at the mall, we’ve got you covered!

If you are looking for extra protection for your vehicle’s paint job but don’t want to go as extreme as riding around in a bubble, check out our great products designed specifically to protect your car while allowing you to appear sane! XPel products are designed to protect your car from yourself and others. Our XPel Doorsill Guard is great at protecting your vehicle from the scuffs and scratches your shoes can cause when you get in and out of your vehicle. Need to protect your expensive headlights from everything that gets thrown at them on the highway? Check out our XPel Headlight Protection. These are custom made to order for your specific year, make, and model and can protect your headlights from small debris travelling as fast as 120 miles per hour!

Whether you are an experienced driver or a teenager just getting their license, you know that accidents happen. Just for example, let’s say you “accidentally” backed your car into your dad’s ’73 Firebird sitting in the driveway. If your dad spends more time with this car than at the dinner table, you better check the damage! Thankfully, you didn’t leave any dents. Sigh of relief! But what’s that? There is a tiny chip in the paint! It’s only a small chip so maybe he won’t even notice. Who are you kidding, he knows more about this car than your local mechanic! Just in case, you better find a solution, fast! What are you going to do? My advice would be to log onto fast and check out Dr. ColorChip Paint Repair Kit! These paints are matched to your specific vehicle’s paint code. They’re so easy to use that you might be able to fix your “little accident” while your dad is watching the game on TV!