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Driveway Patrol
The infrared wireless alert system for your home.
GPS Car Tracker
Track every trip with this GPS-based recorder.
Hella Twin Supertone High/Low Disc Horn Kit
Euro-style beep and a classic look.
InStant Fill
Refueling is now quicker and cleaner than ever.
From: $14.95
Motorized Show and Go Plate Transport
Now, a more attractive way to stay within the law
Pedal Jack Anti-Theft Device
The ultimate anti-theft device for your car.
Don't let someone steal your license plates, prevent it with our platesafe!
Premium LED Dome Lights
The brilliance of daylight for safety and tired eyes.
From: $27.50
Stant Locking Gas Cap
Gas theft happens every day, prevent it with a locking gas cap!
From: $24.50
X-Stick Multi Function Flashlight
The right light to have when things go wrong.
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