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Arm-Restler Vehicle Door Arm Rest Installation Guide:

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Installing the Arm-Restler is very easy.

Use the included foam wedge to customize the fit of your Arm-Restler:

For vehicles which have a narrow or sloping window lege the included foam wedge may be used to create a more stable resting platform.

  1. Insert the Arm-Restler into the door by sliding the wing between the window and the door gaskets. It may be necessary to lower the window most of the way; then work the wing down between the leading edge of the window and the door gaskets. Keep in mind there are usually two gaskets. If the wing does not slide completely into the vehicle door, trim wing along trim lines for a customized fit.
  2. Once the Arm-Restler is in position, place the foam wedge under the base of the rest to determine where it will provide the best platform.
  3. Use the included double sided tape to adhere the wedge to the base of the Arm-Restler.

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