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Park-Daddy® Installation Instructions:

The Park-Daddy is very simple to install and comes with detailed install instructions as well as mounting templates. Watch the video below to see just how easy installation is.

Installing Infrared Head Units:

There are 2 Infrared Head Units with this system, "A" and "B" and each is marked accordingly on the bottom of the unit. Don't worry though it doesn't matter which wall you put which unit on.

Installing Batteries:

Each Infrared Head Unit requires (2) D size alkaline batteries to be installed (Batteries not included). Each unit has a side door compartment that can be easily accessed and removed with no tools. Simply press the release lever to access the battery compartment and follow the inside battery guide to align correctly.

Height Positioning:

Determine the height of the head units. At least one of the two lenses should be at the same height of the face of the rear bumper. An average height rear bumper for most passenger cars up to standard size two wheel drive pickup trucks is 20" - 22" from the floor to the line "C" on the included mounting template.

For suggested height placements to line "C" for 2 or more vehicle systems see Height Chart Below.

Height Chart
Multiple Passenger Cars 20 Inches
Passenger Cars and Mini Vans 20 Inches
Passenger Cars and SUVs 21 Inches
Passenger Cars and Standard Size 2WD Pickup Trucks 22 Inches*
Mini Vans and SUVs 21 Inches*
Mini Vans ans Standard Size 2WD Pickup Trucks 22 Inches*
SUVs and Standard Size 2WD Pickup Trucks 22 Inches*
Multiple Standard Size 2WD Pickup Trucks 24 Inches*

* The height chart above are for most vehicle combinations.

Installing the RF Radio Receivers:

  1. Installing the RF Radio receiver is as easy as plugging it into the DC cigarette lighter port. The status indicator located on the top of the face of the RF Radio Receiver will glow green or red. (Green if the infrared beams are unobstructed and Red if the infrared beams are blocked).
  2. Adjust the RF Radio Receiver to the desired position by rotating the unit and swiveling the upper portion up or down.
  3. Adjust the desired volume of the tone by depressing the (-) or (+) buttons located on the lower portion of the face of the RF Radio Receiver.

Mounting Methods:

Infrared units can either be mounted two ways. For easy mounting to painted surfaces with smooth to medium textures such as painted wood, drywall with or without texture, concrete or concrete blocks and bricks using the peel and stick method works best. For surfaces with a heavy or coarse textures or for easy removal and frequent removal best to mount with included screws and anchors.


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