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Platinum Park Zone Installation Instructions:

One of Park-Zone’s defining features is it’s ease of installation. With for AA batteries (not included) and/ or an AC Adapter included with the Platinum Edition, there’s no hassles. The components come right out of the box and onto the back wall of the garage. Just follow these five easy steps. The set-up time for installation in focus groups averaged under 90 seconds.

Step 1:

Park your car in the desired location in your garage, preferably, with the aid of a friend or family member. Note: The range of the sensing unit is 1.3 to 16 feet. We recommend that you never leave less than 1.3 feet between your bumper and the wall.

Park Zone Parking Guide

Step 2:

The display unit should be mounted comfortably within the driver’s field- of -vision. Once the height is determined, insert two of the four screws, included, into the wall. Use the templates on the following page as hole-guides for both units.

Step 3:

The sensor unit is mounted (with its connector facing up) directly below the display unit, usually about 2.3 to 3 feet off the ground Different vehicles may trigger the sensor at different points; a slight adjustment may be necessary.

Step 4:

With both units securely mounted, connect the units with the cable cord (included). Plug into the appropriate connectors on the units. Platinum Edition Owners opting for AC power should not install batteries.

Step 5:

With the units installed and the car in place, depress the ON/OFF activation button on top of the display unit. Make sure the path between the vehicle and the sensor unit is clear of obstructions, such as a bicycle, trash can, sports gear, people, etc.

The flashing of all three LED’s in sequence conveys that the unit has successfully been calibrated and that the set distance has been programmed into the memory.

It’s that simple.

The Perfect Park:

Park-Zone is now set to guide you into your garage every time you park your car, for approximately one year without ever having to change batteries, or shutting off the unit.

Park Zone Diagram