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BEDSLIDE Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How To Understand What You Are Ordering:

Each part number can identify the weight capacity, size and model.
Example: Part 10-9548-CL
10 = 1000lbs capacity
95 = 95" long
48 = 48" wide
CL = CLASSIC model
Measurements are outer dimensions and include the handle. BEDSLIDES are made with a .25" tolerance. Be sure to double check your truck bed or van space for proper fitment.

Bedslide Dimensions

Q: How long does it take to install a BEDSLIDE?

Once unboxed the BEDSLIDE can be installed in as little as 30-60 minutes. Our Classic BEDSLIDES use a patented QUICKPINS installation with 2 pins and on riv-nut. It's an easy install and a fast removal. Other models  are simple as 4-6 bolts to your truck bed.

Q: What can I haul with the BEDSLIDE?

The sky is the limit as long as you stay within the weight capacity for your BEDSLIDE. This product is loved by contractors, landscapers, painters, pool cleaners, hunters, and much more.

Q: How much does the BEDSLIDE weigh?

The weight varies depending on your truck-bed length and BEDSLIDE model. Weights run from 161 lbs on a 5839 size up to a 455 lb for a 2000 capacity MAX Long Box.

Q: How tall is the BEDSLIDE?

All BEDSLIDES are 4.5" from the top of the deck to the floor of the truck. And the full extension BEDSLIDE 2000 MAX is a 5.5"

Q: Does the BEDSLIDE come assembled?

Just about. All BEDSLIDES come with assembled framework and decking. Minor assembly like attaching GUARDRAILS needs to be done if applicable.

Q: How far does the BEDSLIDE extend?

Every BEDSLIDE has been designed to extend as far as possible without compromising your safety. With each model carrying a different load capacity (From 800lbs to a Ton) and since we offer sizes from 54" to 95" long, the percentage of extension is different on each variation. That said in most cases the BEDSLIDE extends between 70-80%, some a little more and some a little less. However, in most 'normal' scendarios, the ability to access and reach your cargo without crawling into your truck is accomplished (depending on your height, agility, and your trucks suspension). Our 2000 MAX is a FULL extension. Not 100%, but just about. We forgo a few inches to maintain our latching system to ensure the safety of the operator. The MAX is the safest and best functioning full extension product available.

Q: Can the BEDSLIDE be removed easily?

With our QUICKBINS on the CLASSIC all you need to remove is one bolt and you can take it out. Other models just 4-6 bolts and have a friend to pick it up and out.

Q: Why does my BEDSLIDE slide with an upward angle when extending?

BEDSLIDES are made to handle 1/2, 3/4, and 1 ton weight capacities. When extended with a full payload the BEDSLIDE will deflect. Also, some truck tailgates do not lay flat or may have an added accessories like a liner. Creating rake on a BEDSLIDE compensates for this. Each size varies in deflection, Size 95-79 in the full position 4.488436 degrees and 75- down in the full open position 2.216104 degrees.

Q: Can I drive with the BEDSLIDE in the extended position?

NEVER drive with the BEDSLIDE extended. It is just not safe driving.

Q: Can I install a BEDSLIDE when I have a liner/mat in the bed?

Fitment and installation is based on factory truck beds. Added truck bed accessories may affect the installation or fitment of the BEDSLIDE.

Q: What are the Decking materials made out of?

All BEDSLIDES use an All Weather composite deck with a spray liner of polyurea finish. BEDSLIDES are made to maximize style and function.

Q: Is it easy to customize the BEDSLIDE?

Customizing your BEDSLIDE to fit your specific needs is easy. You can attach right to the decking. Just be sure you do not interfere with moving parts and the frames channel. Many people attach custom boxes, racks or dividers maximizing the BEDSLIDE's use.

Q: Will I void the warranty if I permanently mount equipment to the BEDSLIDE?

Watch out for areas where there are moving parts to make the BEDSLIDE function. And be sure to stay under the weight capacity. As long as you don't modify the design and function, we've got you covered.

Q: How much weight will the BEDSLIDE hold?

Weight is a biggie when deciding waht model is for you. We offer options up to a whopping 2000 pounds! We make it easy & the weight is in the name. Classic = 1000lbs | Contractor = 1500lbs | Heavy-Duty = 2,000lbs. If you're going to max out your BEDSLIDE, be sure to evenly distribute the weight.