DashCover Frequently Asked Questions:

Which fabric and color is best for my dash board?

Sorry this is going to be a personal preference question. We do offer though a wide variety of colors and materials to let you pick the dash cover that fits your vehicle, style, and personality best. For a subtle look though we recommend matching the color of your dash to your dashboard or your seats. For a bolder look sometimes it is best to pick a color that will add some contrast or that will make your dash pop like red.

Each material offers a unique flare. Our carpet DashCovers are the most popular due to the color options available and are backed by a lifetime warranty. However velour adds a plush look, suede adds a refined look, DashTex & LTD offer a modern look, and our camo DashCovers offer a rugged look.

You have DashCovers & DashMats what is the difference?

We make have two manufacturers we work with to make the best DashCovers possible that fit the widest assortment of vehicles possible. Both manufacturers create an amazing product that will fit your vehicle perfectly. The big difference between the two is on DashCovers you can pick your color thread if you choose embroidery. On DashMats there is a pre-selected color thread based on the color mat you choose that we believe will pair with your DashMat best. Also on DashMats not only can you add embroidery, but you can also add logos or logos with embroidery.

Will the DashCover fit my vehicle perfectly?

Yes each of our dash covers are custom-made to fit your vehicle perfectly. Some dash covers though will have added fitment notes when selecting to help you find the right DashCover for your vehicle. If you don't see your vehicle check back often as we are constantly adding new patterns.

Do Dash Covers come with a warranty?

Our Carpet dash covers come with a lifetime warranty and our Velour, Suede, and DashTex fabrics have a 5 year warranty against manufacturers defects.

How long will it take to make my Dash Cover?

Our DashCovers are custom-made to order and usually ship in 5 to 7 business days after they are ordered. If ordering with embroidery it may take an extra day to ship.

What is a light sensor and how do I know if I have one?

A light sensor tells your automatic headlights to turn on if your vehicle is so equipped. The sensor is located on top of the dashboard and near the windshield.

If your vehicle headlights come on automatically at night, you have a light sensor. Do not confuse auto headlights with daytime running lights that come on every time the vehicle is started.

A small opening will be made in your DashCover to allow the sensor to function. When ordering you may see multiple options one with sensor and one without sensor. If there is no light sensor no opening will be cut.

What is a climate control sensor and how do I know if I have one?

A climate control sensor helps determine the cabin temperature. If you have climate control, the AC/Heating control know will have numbers (temperature settings) and the AC or heater will come on automatically to maintain the selected temperature.

The sensor is usually located on top of the dashboard and near the windshield.

A small opening will be made in your DashCover if you have this sensor to allow the senor to function. When ordering you may see multiple options one with sensor and one without sensor. If there is no climate control sensor no opening will be cut.

What is a navigation system?

Many vehicles now come from the manufacturer with a built in navigation system (usually an option) which is typically a small monitor on the dashboard to display maps and other information.

The question of Navigation refers to original equipment, not after-market.

If you have had an aftermarket system installed on your dash, you will have to remove it and reinstall after installing your dash cover.

What is a heads-up display?

Heads-up display is available in a small number of vehicles and allows some of your critical gauges to be projected onto the lower part of your windshield.

What is an alrm sentry?

An alarm sentry is a flashing light or sensor for a remote control for your alarm or to indicate that your alarm is on.

What is parktronic/ultrasonic park assist?

A row of indicator lights are located on top of the dash to show how close objects are to your bumper.

Will my DashCover cover my dashboard airbag?

If your vehicle has a designated panel for an airbag, your DashCover will have a flap over the airbag which will not impair its operation. If there is no panel, no flap will be made and there will be no impairment.

Will my DashCover cover the storage compartment on my dashboard?

Storage compartments with lids on top of the dash are covered with a flap which allows the lit to be opened.

Trays without lids on the dash may or may not be covered.

Do DashCovers have openings for speakers on my dashboard?

No, all of our DashCovers are constructed from porous fabrics that allow sound to transmit freely through the material.

If I get embroidery on my dash can I return it?

Sorry once you personalize it the DashCover cannot be returned. If there is a manufacturer defect though we will work to fix or replace your dash cover.

How large are the letters for embroidery?

Embroidery letters are roughly 1" in size.

Where will the embroidery get put on the DashCover?

All embroidery will be stitched on the passenger side.

You say free shipping why am I getting charged for a DashCover to Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico?

Free shipping only applies to orders within the 48 Continental United States. Each DashCover ordered outside the 48 Continental United States will receive an additional $25 shipping charge.


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