Dash Covers

Custom-Fit Car Cover Warranties

  • WeatherShield® HD and Sunbrella®                                                          6 Years Limited
  • Ultra'tect®                                                                                                    5 Years Limited
  • WeatherShield® HP / Form-Fit® / NOAH®                                                 4 Years Limited
  • Block-It® Evolution® / Technalon® / Dustop™                                           4 Years Limited
  • Reflec’tect® / Deluxe/Block-it® 380 Series                                                 3 Years Limited
  • Multibond® / Block-It® 200 Series (formerly Sentrex) / Fleeced Satin       2 Years Limited
  • Tan Flannel / Polycotton                                                                              90 Days Limited

What is Covered by Warranty:

Covercraft’s warranty coverage protects against defects in material and workmanship, as well as the fabric becoming unserviceable during normal use. After factory inspection, at its option, Covercraft will repair or replace the unit or specific panels or parts judged to be unusable. Warranty does not cover fading, which occurs naturally on all products used outdoors, or weather resistance of fabric.

For warranty claims please send photos of the defects. It may still be your responsibility to pay for shipping to us if we cannot see the defects in the images sent, but we will pay the return shipping back.

Materials are not waterproof - they are breathable to allow moisture, condensation and heat to escape from under the fabric.

Can I Return My Car Cover For A Refund:

Most car covers can be returned within 30 days of receiving the car cover for a refund minus restocking fee (See returns page for details). Some car cover fabrics though are non-returnable which are the Sunbrella, Weathershield, and Form-Fit. For the car covers that are returnable after 30 days they can only be repaired/replaced for warranty issues.


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