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Lloyd's Floor Mats Warranties

  • Protector Mats                          1 Year
  • Rubbertite Mats                         3 Years
  • Classic Loop Mats                     2 Years
  • Velourtex Mats                           3 Years
  • Camo Mats                                3 Years
  • Berber2 Mats                             5 Years
  • Ultimat Mats                               5 Years
  • LUXE mats                                 Lifetime - As long as you own the vehicle


Lloyd Mats are warranted by Lloyd Design Corp against defects in design, workmanship and materials. Normal wear and the requirement for periodic cleaning are not considered as mat defects. Defective mats will be repaired or replaced at the option of Lloyd Design Corp.

For warranty claims please send us photos of the defect for us to review. It usually takes us about 48 business hours to review any claims. You may be required still to send us your mats if we cannot see from a photo what the defect is, but we try to make it as economical as possible with pictures.

Can I Return My Lloyd Mats For A Refund:

Most Lloyd Mats can be returned within 30 days of receiving them minus a restocking fee (See returns page for restocking info). This does not include any mats that have been embroidered or have logos added to them as those are non-returnable.

Can I Request Color Samples Before I Order:

Of course and we encourage it. We provide free samples as a courtesy because we want you to be happy with your mats before you get them. So let us know which colors and materials you are interested in and we will put them in the mail at no-charge. We do send the most economical way so it may take up to a week to get them.

Can I Lock In A Sale Price If I Request Samples:

Occasionally we do run sales and our sales do expire. However we don't want you to sacrifice peace of mind for a discount. So if we run a sale and you decide you want to get color/material samples first. Let us know to hold that sale for you and we will give you a personalized code to come back within 30 days. We do this because we want you to be happy with your purchase and not have any regrets.

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