Lloyd's Camo Floor Mats

Custom-fit camo floor mats for the rugged men and women of this country!

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$54.95 to $225.95

Lloyd Camo Feature Callout


  • Rugged custom-fit camo floor mats
  • Permanently dyed camo
  • Factory compatible safety anchors
  • Specially designed to resist stains, main shape, and provide traction
  • Available in 6 Camo Patterns - Break-Up Country, Shadow Grass Blades, Grey-Black Traditional, Beige-Brown Traditional, Grey-Black Digital, and Beige-Brown Digital
  • Front, Rears, and Cargo Mats available
  • Backed by a 3 Year Warranty

Our Custom-Fit Camo Floor Mats are made for the rugged americans that love the look and style that only camo can offer. We use licensed Mossy Oak® camo that is permanently dyed into our long-wearing carpet face of our premium nylon yarn. We use a multi-layer design in our camo floor mats to provide moisture protection, shape retention, and skid resistance to every floor mat.

Shipping Notes:
Our Camo Floor Mats are custom-made to order and may take 1-2 weeks for delivery.

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Classic Loop


  Lloyd Luxe Mats Lloyd Ultimat Floor Mats Lloyd Berber2 Floor Mats Lloyd Velourtex Floor Mats Lloyd Classic Loop Floor Mats Lloyd Camo Floor Mats
Water Resistance High High Medium High Medium Low Medium
Stain Resistance High Medium Medium High Medium Medium High
Warranty Lifetime 5 Years 5 Years 3 Years 2 Years 3 Years
Price $$$$$ $$$$ $$$$ $$$ $$ $$$
Carpet Yarn Type 2-Ply Nylon Cut Pile 2-Ply Nylon Cut Pile 6-Ply Nylon Loop 1-Ply Nylon Cut Pile Polypropylene Loop 1-Ply Nylon Cut Pile
Carpet Face Weight 48 oz. per Yard 32 oz. per Yard 32 oz. per Yard 20 oz. per Yard 20 oz. per Yard 20 oz. per Yard
Total Mat Weight 108 oz./sq Yard 75 oz./sq Yard 75 oz./sq Yard 63 oz./sq Yard 63 oz./sq Yard 63 oz./sq Yard
Carpet Pile Height 0.50" 0.35" 0.25" 0.30" 0.20" 0.30"
Final Backing Layer Urethane Core plus TractionBac Rubber TractionBac Rubber TractionBac Rubber TractionBac Rubber TractionBac Rubber TractionBac Rubber
Number of Colors 11 50 9 12 8 6
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